Friday, September 26, 2008


"Saw" premiered in 2004 at the Sundance festival, and was later released internationally in October. It gained millions of fans, as it was a suspenseful mystery that horror fans had been seeking. Although it was a success in the horror gender, it released sequels every following October. They weren't much success as the first one, for they had killed the mastermind "Jigsaw killer" in Saw 3, they continued the story with followers of the Jigsaw. Fans got tired of these remakes and said "Give it a break." The sequels gained to having 4 Saw movies in the trilogy.

Now this October the 5th Saw movie in the trilogy will be released, but are we ready for another bloody movie? Or are we going to get some suspense? Here’s a clip for the upcoming Saw movie.

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