Monday, January 5, 2009

Hostel Part II (The kind of terror that makes you jump)

For sheer “jump out of your skin” terror Hostel Part II delivers. This is a great video rental.

Plot: Beginning where Hostel ended, Paxton, now in seclusion with his girlfriend Stephanie, disregards her plea to report his friends' deaths. In the morning, Stephanie discovers Paxton's decapitated body in the kitchen being licked by a kitten. In Slovakia, a mysterious package is delivered to Sasha, the owner of the entire money-for-murder business that begins in the “Hostel”. In Italy, art students Beth, Whitney and Lorna are convinced by Axelle, a model they were drawing, to join her on a spa vacation. The party travels to a small Slovak village and checks into the local hostel and retires to their rooms, allowing the desk clerk time to upload their passport photos to an online auction website, where American businessman Todd bids on and wins Whitney and Beth for himself and his best friend Stuart.

What follows is a nightmare for the girls.

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