Monday, October 6, 2008

Can Horror and Comedy Mix?

Just ask the fans of the 2006 Feature - "Slither"

Slither is considered by many to be a successful blend of horror and comedy. It was a great sort of alien movie that didn’t take itself too seriously, but instead had fun with the things that were going on.

PLOT: It's deer hunting season in the small town of Wheelsy, when a meteor falls in the woods with an egg of alien worm. After a fight with his wife, a local businessman, Grant, heads to the bar to have some drinks. He meets an old acquaintance Brenda, the younger sister of his former girlfriend, who has a crush on him, and they head out into the woods. Grant sees the weird egg on the grass, and when he touches it, the egg releases a sort of bird like creature with an alien parasite that dominates Grant's brain. During the next few days, Grant has an insatiable hunger for meat, and while his hostage body is transforming, he builds a nest of slugs in his cellar. Grant infects Brenda and the slugs attack the human beings in Wheelsy, possessing their bodies. The local sheriff tries to find a way to stop Grant, the leader of a new breed of starving zombies.

The plot alone suggest that horror and comedy can mix. This blending is not for everyone. Some of us like our horror - pure and terrifying. Yet for many a good dose of laughter can take the edge off. So along with some good action and suspense as well as some laughs Slither is a good Friday night video rental.

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M. David said...

I love slither! It was classic shlock horror! B-Movie horror movies ar e always good for a few laughs! Good review!