Monday, October 6, 2008

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

October 17 to 24, 2008

Bloor Cinema (all movies)
506 Bloor Street West, (just east of Bathurst Street - Bathurst Subway Station)
Tel: 416-516-2331
Google Map here.

What: The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is one of the world’s leading showcases of international thrillers and runs every October, just before Halloween. The Festival features new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, animated and cult films from around the world, including a number of award-winning features and shorts.

Last year's festival was attended by over 6,500 die-hard horror fans.


No After Dark Festival would be complete without the usual Tales of the Undead featuring:
Trailer Park of Terror
Netherbeast Incorporated

There are also our "Heroes In Action" Flicks. Stories of heroic action featuring self-made superheroes, justice-seeking old timers, and future Earth soldiers:
Mutant Chronicles

For the devoted Cult Seekers there are an assortment of five new leading edge films which make up the Festival's first ever Cult Discoveries spotlight. Everything from a gothic sci-fi horror musical to cutting-edge comedy, technicolor crime noir to over-the-top Asian gore action, and twisted animated storytelling:
Repo! The Genetic Opera
Tokyo Gore Police
Who is KK Downey?
South of Heaven
Idiots & Angels

And for the dedicated Adrenalin Junkies who like to get their hearts pumping while watching a horror flick we have on tap:
4BIA (Phobia)
Home Movie
Donkey Punch

Finally, no Festival would be complete without our "Shorts". In the short film series, you are invited to check out these mini-masterpieces:
Shorts After Dark (International Short Film Showcase)
Canada After Dark (Canadian Short Film Showcase)

Enjoy the Festival!

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