Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Horror of Christmas?

Perhaps it’s the cynic in me but with Halloween come and gone the horror of the Christmas season is about to be unleashed on us.

November 1st and the malls have Santa’s Castle awaiting his arrival. Window displays are full of Christmas cheer.

With that in mind I thought I would share a few holiday heart-warmers and Christmas classics.

Christmas Evil aka Terror in Toyland

A warm, family film about a foreman in the Jolly Dream Toy Factory who understands the true meaning of Christmas. Understandably upset by the crass commercialism he sees everywhere, he dresses up as Santa one Christmas and sets out to reward good little boys and girls and punish the naughty ones!

“Better Watch Out…Better Not Cry…Or you May Die!”

Don’t Open Till Christmas

Instead of a killer Santa this film has a psycho killing Santas. A warm holiday theme.

Silent Night, Deadly Night (the original)

A young orphan learns an important life lesson about good and evil in a Catholic orphanage. When he grows up he plays Santa at a store and decides he really is Santa and that he should reward good children and punish the naughty.

So break out the popcorn and VCR because I am not sure these holiday classics come on DVD.

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