Tuesday, November 4, 2008

When Fear Begets Fear

Can fear affect your desires when applying the Law of Attraction? Absolutely! Fear can be paralyzing when attaining what you desire if you are not careful. And of course, fear can be debilitating in anything you do.

What is the purpose of fear? Fear can help us out when we are in a “do or die” situation. It can encourage us to be more cautious and is a way of protecting ourselves.

I have talked before about our survival self, the one that tells us when to be cautious, but we can sometimes use our survival self to be overprotective.
So how do we get rid of fear, or at least tame it in order to get what we want in life?

Let’s start by focusing on exactly what we are afraid of. Is our fear valid? For instance. Pretend we are preparing to jump out of a plane minus a parachute. In this instance our fear is validated by our survival self. We are telling ourselves that no parachute is something to fear. The fear and caution is valid.

Onto the next example. We are about to start at a new school and we are afraid that no one will like us and that we will do poorly because the teachers don’t know us. Is this fear valid? Does it threaten our physical well being? While our survival self is rearing its ugly head we need to tell it to back off. When you start to have the feeling of fear, make sure to examine it and see if it is a valid physical fear.

So now that we have figured out what to do, how do we actually stop being afraid? The Law of Attraction works such that the feeling you put out is the feeling you get back. Focus on what you don’t want and you will get what you don’t want. Focus on what you do want and…you will get what you want. Fear begets fear, joy begets joy, love begets love and the Universe will give you what you want. Simple really.

Handle your fear by asking if it is valid or not. If it is a valid fear, listen to it. If it is based on past experiences where you have been hurt or based on your own concern of failure, tell your survival self to take a risk and just do it anyway. Trust yourself.

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M. David said...

Its pretty crazy how fear is based almost completely on your own psychological makeup. WHen things are put into perspective, these fears might not be that scary.