Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do Horror Films and Video Games Breed Violence?

A couple of thoughts.

It has been often speculated that kids who watch violent movies and play violent video games mimic the actions and become violent. We have all heard news reports of games and films being blamed for breeding murderers.

Do you think horror films and video games are responsible for children becoming violent? Would you let your children play these sort of games? Or watch violent movies and television programmes?

I think that is the easy way out – blaming others. When do we take responsibility for making informed decisions and providing the right value system and options for children? Sure it’s easy to blame a game if that is all the child knows. What behavior is role modeled for the child? What opinions are expressed around the child? We can take this argument all the way back to the old “are we products of our environment or is our behaviour all pre-programmed by genetics”?

While genetics play a part we are definitely products of our environment. It is important that children are exposed to the right behaviours and the right values. A child can be taught the difference between right and wrong. This is everyone's responsbility.

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Primee133 said...

Yeah, I agree, it seems all too simple to put the blame on the kids' passtimes. Most of the time it's mainly bad parenting, or letting the kid be stupid enough to believe those things are okay to do. Hopefully Darwin's theory makes itself known and something happens to kids like that.