Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SAW: The Video Game

While the latest release in the SAW series is not getting great reviews, Brash Entertainment is hard at work on two initiatives. One the release of SAW VI in October 2009 and the second, a new addition to the horror series of video games for Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Video games based on films sometimes do not do so well especially horror films. Zombie Studios is the game developer. Interesting choice because they do not have any big name games on the market. When we think of successful horror games we think the DOOM and Resident Evil series. Zombie Studios is a Seattle based company, about 12 years old with some 22 titles available for gamers.

To their credit they are not rushing to get the game out the door but instead are taking a year to develop and work with the SAW creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell to get into the mind of Jigsaw and his victims.

Saw is not intended to be a simple “survival horror” game but more of a “horror thriller” game like the film. There will be elements from the survival horror genre like exploration and puzzles but the creators are hoping to introduce elements of gameplay not seen before in video games.

Saw, the video game will be based on the events that take place after the original movie.

So just how gruesome is the Saw game going to be? We have been promised the same quality and quantity of action as the SAW films.

Jigsaw said it best with. “Oh yes, there will be blood”.

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